Best In Class Machine Tool Accessories

National Machine Products offers the best-in-class machine tool accessories.


National Machine Products offers the best-in-class machine tool accessories. From mist collectors to tool presetters, we are committed to source by importing or locally and supply products to our customers with only the best in class quality, reliable performance, and first-level service.

When considering our distinguishing characteristics, we ensure that National is your first choice to optimize your machine tool’s productivity.

DU-PUY industrial vacuums for April Product of the Month

Upgrade to DU-PUY High-Performance Industrial Vacuums

Efficient debris control with DU-PUY reduces accident risks, maintains CNC machines, and extends their lifespan. It prevents part damage, reduces downtime and maintenance costs, and streamlines cleaning processes to save resources, enhancing productivity and safety in machine shops.

Our Solutions with DU-PUY...

Sump Cleaning & Chip Extraction:
Industrial vacuums swiftly remove metal chips and debris from machine sumps and coolant tanks, designed for machine shop environments.

Compressed Air Powered Vacuums:
Powered by compressed air, these industrial vacuums offer a portable solution that functions independently of a power supply. 

Exomist Mist Collector Testimonial: KWM Gutterman

Meet Max Tucker, an experienced mechanical engineer in charge of the CNC department at KWM Gutterman Inc. During our conversation, he discusses how the ExoMist system has innovatively resolved mist accumulation challenges in their facility, a critical issue with increasing production volumes. 

Tune in to learn about the impactful changes and solutions implemented at KWM Gutterman.

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View, Record, and Enhance Your Operations with VisionLine

Experience enhanced productivity and reliability with VisionLine camera systems. Designed to elevate your production's quality through instant image-based monitoring, VisionLine offers modular flexibility for easy adaptation and future-proof operations.

These cameras boast optimized ergonomics for operator comfort and versatile installation options to fit seamlessly into any machinery setup. Plus, with advanced recording capabilities, you can continuously refine your processes through detailed post-operation analysis, ensuring your operations remain competitive and efficient.

See the difference VisionLine can make. Request your quote today and elevate your production processes!

Experience Rapid Tool Changes with Tsugami Quick Change Tooling!

Replacing broken tools or switching out tools between jobs isn’t hard, but it does take time. With Tsugami Quick Change Tools, reduce tool change time down to 30 seconds or less! Whether machinists have years of experience or are new to the industry, these holders make swapping out tools safe, easy, and accurate.

Now, you can experience the benefits of Quick Change Tools with our Quick Change Tooling Starter Kit!

What's included: (1) ER16 Holder, (1) Presetter Block, and (2) ER16 Cartridges. 

The Quick Change Tooling Starter Kit is included with a new Tsugami machine purchase from these select models: B0326-III, B0386-III, S206-II, BW329Z, SS207-II-5AX, SS327-III-5AX, B038T.** 

Ready for lightning-fast tool changes? Reach out to learn more about our special offer!

*Offer valid until 6/15/2024. **Subject to prior sale

Interior shot of the Tsugami BW329Z tooling for National Machine Product's Quick Change Tool starter kit promo

ExoMist Mist Collectors

Efficiently capture airborne oil and coolant mist, providing a cleaner productivity in the machine shop.

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DUPUY Industrial Vacuums

Industrial vacuums designed to capture everything from metal shavings to large debris.

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Chip Processing

Maximize scrap value and reuse filtered lubricant with our efficient chip processing solutions.

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Velum Protective Filters

These filters shield CNC machines and air compressors from contaminants like dirt, oil mists, and metal particles.

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Dosing & Pumps Coolant Filtration

Manage industrial liquids efficiently and sustainably with coolant filtration by utilizing smart technology. 

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Dosing & Pumps Coolant Management

Minimize waste management and maintenance with real-time analysis coolant management systems. 

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ITF Parts Washing

Improve the longevity and performance of machine parts with industrial washing and deburring processes. 

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Precision Tool Holders

Enhance machining precision with our tool holders designed for CNC lathes, swiss, and machining centers.

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Custom Workholding

Achieve faster adjustments and versatile operations with our vise workholding solutions, customized to your specific needs.

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EVOSET Tool Presetters

Elevate your tool presetting with a solution that guarantees precision, efficiency, and notable time and cost savings.

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EVOSET Tool Mounting Device

The TOOL BOY tool mounting device provides quick and secure tool setup, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. 

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Large Lathe Chucks

Unmatched grip and precision with large diameter chucks, designed for substantial workpieces and demanding applications.

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CNC Lighting Systems

These specialized LED lights are tailored to enhance illumination within machine tool enclosures. 

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Rotoclear Spinning Window

The self-cleaning spinning window enhances efficiency, prevents collisions, and allows machinists to operate with precision. 

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VisionLine Cameras

Machine vision cameras offer a dependable solution for process monitoring for machining processes. 

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