National Machine Products is the North American importer of Indass chip and coolant processing systems. In partnership with Indass, National Machine Products provides various chip and coolant reclamation and recycling solutions to North American manufacturers.




Automatic Vertical Wringer SCED5/10

Automatic Wringer

The automatic chip centrifuge type SCED5/10 is an efficient solution to dry chips and collect the recovered oil or emulsion coolant in a tank for recycling and reuse. The solid particles are separated on the inner periphery of a drum lining while the liquid passes through for recovery.

  • Compact and solid taking up minimum floor space
  • Can be mounted under the discharge end of a machine tool chip conveyor
  • Chips must be short (<30 mm)
  • Automatic separation between chip and coolant
  • Without or without bar ends - optional bar end separator
  • Residual moisture 1% to 3% depending on the material

MT4 Crusher

Mt4 Crusher

Suitable for cutting stringy chips. The shredders are composed of a grinding a hydraulic pressure bar that pushed the chips towards the rotating drum. On demand, the revision equipped with remnants ejector is available.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Performance up to 200 kg/h
  • Suitable to be installed under the machine tool conveyor
  • Electrical panel with PLC

Efficient Chip Processing

Chip Processing

The chip processing treatment plants are modular systems for crushing, spinning, and storage of chips. These plants come in a number of set ups including crushers, conveyors, centrifuges, and briquetting machines. These options are incredibly flexible and can be integrated into your machining solutions.

  • Elimination of manually handling scrap bins
  • Increased safety of operators
  • Small, compact automatic systems for the management of chips up to 200 kg/h are also available



The Robotline is an automatic spinning system that is capable of spinning any type of material without cross contamination. This system is equipped with a basket loading station, robotic handler, a patented automatic centrifuge, and a basket discharge station. 

  • No crusher required
  • Bar ends accepted
  • Manual or automatic loading of the basket
  • One single plant both for oil and emulsion
  • The swarf basket is designed as the centrifuge basket
  • The spun chip is discharged automatically via robotic automation, without any operator intervention
  • As an option, several baskets can be automatically handled, by installation of extra roller conveyors

Why Processing Chips?

  • Higher scrap metal resell value
  • Coolant recovery and lower overall disposal
  • More efficient management of the entire manufacturing process
  • Environmental and safety liability risks control
  • Quick return on investment
  • Centrifuge: residual humidity less than 2%
  • Crushers equipped with bar ends ejection device
  • Modular systems
  • Minimal footprint area
  • Low energy consumption

Why Invest?

  • To assist in the resale of scrap material.
  • To reuse the filtered lubricant in your production processes.
  • For the compliance with the environmentally friendly regulations.
  • To reduce manufacturing waste.
  • For a green working environment.