Maximize CNC Machining Efficiency with Large Diameter Chucks

National Machine Products has partnered with TDG Clamping Solutions to provide a range of large diameter chucks that help optimize CNC machining production. TDG is a leading provider of innovative clamping solutions that have been designed to meet the ever-changing needs of modern machining.

Their product line includes standard sets of box jaws, classic chucks that combine screws and scrolls, independent and self-centering activation of the jaws, and special chucks for turning heavy-duty pieces in horizontal lathes. The chucks are built for heavy-duty use, with steel bodies and extra-long and wider base jaws that add more rigidity to the chuck. This allows for bigger clamping forces than a standard independent chuck.

Custom modification capabilities are available to suit specific requirements, including special dimensions, number of jaws and T-slots, special customized jaws for clamping complex parts, and interchangeable inserts for different piece diameters on the same chuck. National Machine Products has the expertise to assist you in choosing the right chuck for your specific applications and achieve superior clamping solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Manual Chucks

Manual Scroll Chucks

Manual Scroll Chuck

Independent Chucks

Independent Chuck

Combination Chucks

Combination Chuck

Face Plates

Face Plate

Power Chucks

Power Chucks

power chuck

Through Bore Power Chucks

large diameter chuck for cnc machining

Closed Center Power Chucks

Large diameter closed center power chuck for cnc machining

2+2 Power Chucks

2+2 Chuck

2+2+2 Power Chucks

2+2+2 Power Chuck

3+3 Power Chucks

3+3 Chuck