Velum protective filters have been designed to protect CNC machines, air compressors, electrical motors, and other industrial devices from dust, dirt, metal particles, oil mists, and other forms of air contamination.

What makes it unique is that it is delivered in small rolls that are fixed to the unit with magnets and can be easily torn off thanks to the perforation.

Benefits of Velum

  • 30% savings on maintenance costs
  • No downtime
  • 1 Velum roll = 2 years of total protection
  • 5 second replacement 
  • Visual control allows you to change the filter regularly 
  • Prevents the spread of harmful particles






Velum is designed for automation machinery, cooling systems, recycling machines, printers and computers, woodworking machines, packaging machinery for the food, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and textile industries, refrigeration equipment, robots and CNC machines.

One Velum roll consists of 100 sheets.

Available in 5 sizes. 

Velum AIR XL

Velum AIR XL

Velum AIR is now available in an XL version for large format machines.

The Velum AIR XL patented system, with its thicker, less porous fabric designed to ensure better airflow and prevent overheating, is specifically designed for compressors, cooling systems, and heat exchangers.

One Velum AIR XL roll consists of 45 sheets.

Available in 4 sizes.

Velum AIR

Velum AIR Single (1)

Velum AIR is ideal for compressors, cooling systems, and heat exchangers. 

It has a thicker fabric but lower porosity than Velum and is designed to ensure better air flow and prevent overheating.

One Velum AIR consists of 60 sheets.

Available in 5 sizes.



Velum MOTOR is the solution designed to protect electric motors.

It consists of a patented system with reusable polypropylene holder, with magnet or O-ring attachment included in the package, and a polyester filter.

Available in 8 diameters.

NOTE: Refill sold separately

Product Details

All Velum filters are applied externally, directly to the entrance grid of ventilation and cooling systems of the production unit. Once applied, the filter gathers and holds dust and oily mist in its patented-knitted fabric and ensures, while protecting the inner filter, the normal passage of fresh and clean air in the machine. 

The replacement check is purely visual: when the protective filter is covered by polluting agents, you need to replace it.

The replacement takes place in 5 seconds. No manpower required, thus avoiding downtimes and cutting down maintenance costs and any missed production costs that may be due to the inner filter replacement.

Velum Velum AIR Velum AIR XL Velum MOTOR
Size23.6 in (600 mm)23.6 in (600 mm)59.1 in (1500 mm)11.8 in (300 mm)
19.7 in (500 mm)19.7 in (500 mm)47.2 in (1200 mm)10.2 in (260 mm)
15.7 in (400 mm)15.7 in (400 mm)39.4 in (1000 mm)9.06 in (230 mm)
11.8 in (300 mm)11.8 in (300 mm)31.5 in (800 mm)7.87 in (200 mm)
7.87 in (200 mm)7.87 in (200 mm)6.89 in (175 mm)
5.91 in (150 mm)
4.72 in (120 mm)
3.94 in (100 mm)