DU-PUY's compressed air industrial vacuums are the perfect solution for those who require a vacuum cleaner that is sturdy, portable and operates without a power supply. These vacuums are designed to provide excellent performance with no compromises. The venturi pump system enables customers to handle large quantities of material with ease, which is particularly useful for the bucket vacuums.

This innovative technology allows users to save time and effort while still achieving exceptional results. In partnership with National Machine Products, DU-PUY continues to provide top-notch solutions for various industrial sectors.



The CHIPVAC 200 AIR is a compressed air industrial vacuum cleaner that utilizes a Venturi ejector system to develop a total air flow of 176.6 cfm. With a capacity of up to 39.6 gallons, it simplifies the suction of various solid or liquid materials in industrial settings.

This vacuum cleaner has a total airflow of 176.6 cfm and can collect up to 39.6 gallons of solid or liquid material. It features a patented transport and unloading system, allowing for safe and quick unloading of the suctioned material directly where needed, thanks to the bucket's 45° or 90° tilting system.

  • Two venturi ejectors
  • 100% steel construction with 0.16" thick painted steel
  • Chassis designed for lifting and emptying with a forklift truck
  • Rapid discharge of liquids through a ball valve located on the bottom of the collection tank
  • Safe suction to prevent tilting movement



The W2 AIR is a versatile industrial vacuum cleaner designed for wet and dry applications. With the ability to vacuum liquids, solids, and dust simultaneously, this wheeled vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for those who require a reliable and efficient cleaning solution.

This vacuum cleaner uses two venturi-type compressed air units (external compressor not included) that are protected within a durable steel motor head lined with sound-absorbing material to minimize noise.

The air outlet is designed to direct air downwards, preventing operator disturbance and dust disturbance in the surrounding environment.

The motor head includes a control panel with a supply pressure indicator and a vacuum indicator to detect filter saturation, and it can be lifted easily using two handles for quick inspection or filter replacement.

In the filtering chamber, there's a polyester star filter that offers high dust retention and ensures air purity, thanks to a large surface area of 21.5 square feet and high filtering efficiency of 3 microns. The manual filter cleaning system features a vertically-moving filter shaker that enables easy cleaning of the filter at any time, prolonging its life and preventing it from becoming saturated and reducing suction performance.

The suctioned material is collected in a wheel-mounted quick-release container with a 10.6 gallon capacity, allowing for easy and clean disposal of the material. The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a sturdy steel frame with a powder-coated finish and features wheels with a parking brake for stability.


industrial vacuum

The W3 AIR is a versatile industrial vacuum cleaner designed for use in sectors where electric power sources are not available. Equipped with two Venturi pumps and a basket for accessories, it is capable of extracting dust, liquids, and solids, making it a perfect solution for industrial environments.

The aspirator comes with a powerful side channel turbine that can operate continuously and generates a high air flow rate and depression. The electric motor is directly installed on the fan body, requiring no maintenance. The outlet air exhaust is directed upwards to avoid disturbing the operator or moving dust around the environment.

The suction unit is controlled by a low voltage electric panel, located in the rear fairing for easy access, and the switchboard and motor are protected with IP65.

Additionally, the suction unit includes a standard pressure relief valve that ensures the cooling of the turbine through the inlet of ambient air in case of a completely closed inlet.

Inside the filtering chamber of this industrial vacuum cleaner, there is a polyester star filter that protects the suction unit, ensuring high dust retention and guaranteeing the purity of the outgoing air with a large surface area of 21.5 square feet and high filtering efficiency Class L.

The manual filter cleaning system, which consists of a vertically-moving filter shaker, allows the operator to clean the filter effortlessly at any time, prolonging the life of the filter and preventing it from becoming saturated and reducing suction performance. Additionally, a stainless steel deflector protects the filter chamber from abrasion.

The material collected by the suction unit is efficiently stored in a mobile container, which is designed for easy disposal and prevents any accidental spillage.

The container comes in two sizes, with capacities of 17.2 gallons or 26.4 gallons, and can be effortlessly removed from the vacuum cleaner's sturdy steel frame, which is powder-coated to ensure durability. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner's mobility is enhanced by its wheels, which feature parking brakes for added safety.

WD 3000 AIR

Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum

The WD 3000 AIR is a highly efficient and easy-to-handle compressed air vacuum cleaner suitable for both wet and dry materials. It features a durable chrome-plated steel frame, non-marking wheels with a parking brake, and a convenient push handle for easy maneuverability.

The suction is generated by a venturi-type compressed air vacuum unit, protected within a solid steel motor head containing noise-absorbing material to minimize noise during operation.

The suction inlet with a diameter of 1.97 inches (reductions available up to 1.57 inches) enables the suction of dust or liquids with the aid of the included dust kit and liquid kit.

The dust kit includes a L-category polyester filter with a 3-micron efficiency to capture fine dust particles.

For liquid suction, the kit features an automatic shutoff float that stops suction when the container reaches full capacity.

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