Coolant Filtration Equipment

D&P Group specializes in managing and analyzing industrial liquids, while embracing the most modern concepts of smart technology, innovation, and eco-sustainability. Their products range from pumps, machines, accessories, and dosing kits for the following industries: agriculture, metalworking, petrochemical, and animal health. 

Range of Solutions

  • Patented anti-limescale system
  • Emulsion water treatment
  • Volumetric dosing pump installation kit
  • Electric dosing pump kit
  • Mobile filtration station
  • Coalescing filtration system
  • Venturi system dosing pump
  • Automatic coolant management system

Coalescing Oil Removal

Coalescence Technology

The range of vacuuming technology available, from double effect drum emptiers utilizing the venturi effect to liquid and solid vacuum cleaners, addresses all customer needs for cleanliness and ease of use. For those with specific requirements, there are electric and pneumatic drum battery emptiers capable of transferring liquids directly into storage areas, and specialized drum pumps, available with steel shafts or various plastic materials, that can handle even highly concentrated acids.

Vacuum Technology

Venturi System

This vacuuming technology begins with double-effect drum emptiers, operating via the venturi effect, and extends to liquid and solid vacuum cleaners. These devices are designed to meet all cleanliness and usability needs, with a variety of electric and pneumatic drum battery emptiers available for specific requirements, capable of transferring liquids directly into storage areas.

Liquid Management Technology

Tanks Range

For liquids that are challenging to emulsify and require continuous mixing to maintain their properties, a specialized system and durable materials are essential. These materials are designed to withstand highly corrosive substances.

Dosing Equipment

Dosing Station

The collection features an extensive array of electric and electro-mechanical pumps, further enhanced by dedicated systems and installation kits. Additionally, it offers a diverse range of dosing stations, outfitted with tanks, dosing pumps, mixers, and agitators in both steel and plastic.

Filtration & Oil Removal


Specialized machines, including belt filtrations, disc or belt skimmers, magnetic filtration, and centrifuge separators, have been developed for filtration and oil removal tasks. These machines, capable of separating liquids and solids of varying specific weights and filtering emulsions down to 0.5 μ without splitting, provide an ideal solution for chip removal on ferrous materials.

Turnkey Plants


This particular technology is engineered to precisely cater to the needs of the customer. It encompasses the creation, manufacturing, and setup of kits for systems that adeptly handle the assembly, positioning, functioning, and oversight of all kinds of dosers.

Filtration Technologies

Cartridge Filtration

Two unique filtration technologies, Bag and Cartridge, have been innovatively designed to cater to a variety of filtration needs, including the filtration of emulsions and whole oils. For more complex requirements, combined systems are available, offering a range of combinations such as bag filtration + cartridge, cartridge filtration + belt or magnetic filtration, or filtration + de-oiling.

Mobile Technology

Mobile Dosing Station

Crafted to align with current environmental and safety regulations, a series of trolleys operate as standalone, self-propelled dosing, filtering, and pumping stations suitable for barrels or cans, with a capacity spectrum of 2.6 to 52.8 gallons. Incorporating tanks for waste liquid collection, these trolleys also offer the ability to be customized with a variety of equipment and quick connection systems to the main water supply.

Metalworking Solutions

The Dosing & Pumps production range for the mechanical machining sector is among the widest and most complete on the market.

The technology includes some patented components, starts from the treatment of the water used for the production of the emulsion, up to plants and dosing systems designed for manufactured according to the most efficient criteria for obtaining stable and quality emulsions.

The dedicated plant engineering extends to solutions for the control and automatic maintenance of the characteristics of the emulsion directly in the tank, recovery, and reuse of exhausted emulsions with a drastic reduction in disposal costs.

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