Coolant Filtration Equipment

D&P Group specializes in managing and analyzing industrial liquids, while embracing the most modern concepts of smart technology, innovation, and eco-sustainability. Their products range from pumps, machines, accessories, and dosing kits for the following industries: agriculture, metalworking, petrochemical, and animal health. 

Range of Solutions

  • Patented anti-limescale system
  • Emulsion water treatment
  • Volumetric dosing pump installation kit
  • Electric dosing pump kit
  • Mobile filtration station
  • Coalescing filtration system
  • Venturi system dosing pump
  • Automatic coolant management system


Coolant Filtration Equipment


Coalescing Oil Removal

Coalescence Technology

Dosing & Pumps has adopted and refined coalescence de-oiling technology. This system through a coalescent pack, consists of a high-density polymer with a honeycomb section. It can intercept and retain all of the molecules of hydrocarbon origin with which it comes to contact, thus allowing the rest of the emulsion to pass towards reuse. 

The trapped oils are then directed to a waste tank that can be easily be emptied when needed. This is the only system that can guarantee complete de-oiling of the emulsions with interrupting production processes or causing downtime. 

Vacuum Technology

Venturi System

D&P's vacuuming technology starts from double effect drum emptiers (suction and emptying) that work by exploiting the venturi effect, to liquid and solid vacuum cleaners that use vacuum technology. 

These machines are able to cover all needs and satisfy all the requirements of our customers in terms of cleanliness and practicality of use.  

For special needs, there are a range of both electrical and pneumatical operated drum battery emptiers that are capable of transferring a liquid and pumping it directly into the storage areas. These special drum pumps are available both with steel shafts and in different types of plastic materials to be used in the presence of highly concentrated acids. 

Liquid Management Technology

Tanks Range

Whenever you are in the presence of liquids that are difficult to emulsify, or require constant mixing action to preserve the characteristics and stability of mixing, it is necessary to have a dedicated system and built-in materials that can withstand even the most aggressive corrosives. 

The entire range of mixers, tanks, and emptying barrels is available in a wide range of materials and plastics that are able to resist all kinds of aggressive liquids and substances. 

Dosing Equipment

Dosing Station

Together with the systems and installation kits for volumetric and Venturi metering pumps, the range is enriched by a complete assortment of electric and electro-mechanical pumps, along with the systems and installation kits dedicated to them.

There is a range of dosing stations that are complete with tanks, dosing pumps, mixers, and agitators both in steel and plastic. This helps the management of all those acid, aggressive, and abrasive substances that are difficult to manage with metal components. 

Filtration & Oil Removal


D&P has created machines dedicated to filtration and oil removal. 

The range of machines include belt filtrations, disc or belt skimmers, magnetic filtration, and centrifuge separators. 

The belt filters can be combined with magnetic separators to create the perfect solution for companies operating in the field of chip removal on ferrous materials. 

The centrifugal separators, offered in the mobile or fixed version, can separate liquids and/or solids that have different specific weights. This is the only system capable of filtering emulsions down to 0.5 μ without splitting the emulsion itself. 

Turnkey Plants


This technology is based on precise requests and indications based on customer needs. 

D&P designs, manufactures, and install kits for systems with the correct assembly, positioning, operation, and management of all types of dosers. 

Filtration Technologies

Cartridge Filtration

Dosing and Pumps has developed two distinct filtration technologies: Bag and Cartridge.

These filtration systems are designed with machines dedicated to the filtration of emulsions and machines with different technologies applied for the filtration of whole oils. 

To satisfy even the most complex requirements, there are Combined systems (Combi) of bag filtration + cartridge, cartridge filtration + belt or magnetic filtration, or filtration + de-oiling. 

Customized solutions are available both manual and fully automatic controls. 

Mobile Technology

Mobile Dosing Station

D&P has designed and manufactured a range of trolleys that comply with all current environmental and safety regulations. 

D&P produces completely independent and self-propelled dosing, filtering, and pumping stations for barrels and/or cans with a capacity from 2.6 gal to 52.8 gal. The stations are completed with tanks for the collection of any waste liquids. 

All of the plants can be customized according to the customer's needs and can be equipped with different equipment and quick connection systems to the main water supply. 

Metalworking Solutions

The Dosing & Pumps production range for the mechanical machining sector is among the widest and most complete on the market.

The technology includes some patented components, starts from the treatment of the water used for the production of the emulsion, up to plants and dosing systems designed for manufactured according to the most efficient criteria for obtaining stable and quality emulsions.

The dedicated plant engineering extends to solutions for the control and automatic maintenance of the characteristics of the emulsion directly in the tank, recovery, and reuse of exhausted emulsions with a drastic reduction in disposal costs.