Coolant Filtration Equipment

D&P Group specializes in managing and analyzing industrial liquids, while embracing the most modern concepts of smart technology, innovation, and eco-sustainability. Their products range from pumps, machines, accessories, and dosing kits for the following industries: agriculture, metalworking, petrochemical, and animal health. 

Range of Solutions

  • Patented anti-limescale system
  • Emulsion water treatment
  • Volumetric dosing pump installation kit
  • Electric dosing pump kit
  • Mobile filtration station
  • Coalescing filtration system
  • Venturi system dosing pump
  • Automatic coolant management system
Coalescing oil removal to filter out oil in coolants and waste waters

Coalescing Oil Separation

The coalescing oil separation method uses special materials to combine tiny oil droplets into larger ones, making it easier to separate them from the machine tool coolant. 

Dosing station for coolant filtration

Dosing Systems

Dosing stations, equipped with tanks, pumps, mixers, and agitators in both steel and plastic, offer an optimal solution for handling acids, aggressive, and abrasive substances where metal components are not suitable.

Filtration of emulsions and whole oils

Filtration & Oil Removal

The Filtration & Oil Removal line features Bag and Cartridge technologies for filtering emulsions and oils up to 3 microns, along with belt filters, skimmers, magnetic filters, and centrifuge separators for efficient oil removal.

Oxygenator for coolant filtration product line from Dosing & Pumps

Oxygenation & Cleaners

Explore a variety of oxygenators and sanitizers, utilizing UV, silver salts, and ozone to maintain emulsion purity and safety. These products fit different installation spaces, effectively reducing bacterial growth and enhancing workplace safety.

Dosing equipment for coolant filtration product line for Dosing & Pumps

Dosing Equipment

The collection features an extensive array of electric and electro-mechanical pumps, further enhanced by dedicated systems and installation kits. Additionally, it offers a diverse range of dosing stations, outfitted with tanks, dosing pumps, mixers, and agitators in both steel and plastic.

Mobile Coolant Filtering Station for metal chips, plastic chips

Mobile Dosing Solutions

The range includes self-propelled dosing, filtering, and pumping stations designed for barrels and buckets for small to large capacities. Each station is fully independent and features tanks for waste liquid collection. 

D&P Tank 500 X 400 NMP

Liquid Waste Management

For effective liquid waste management, our mixers, tanks, and emptying barrels are designed to withstand all kinds of aggressive liquids and substances. 

Coolant filtration turnkey operations for efficient and safe cnc machining

Turnkey Plants

D&P engineers specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing kits and systems for dosing pumps, liquids, powders, and both manual and automatic dosing plants. These solutions ensure precise assembly, positioning, operation, and management of various types of dosing pumps.

Metalworking Solutions

The Dosing & Pumps production range for CNC machining is among the widest and most complete on the market.

The technology includes some patented components, starts from the treatment of the water used for the production of the emulsion, up to plants and dosing systems designed for manufactured according to the most efficient criteria for obtaining stable and quality emulsions.

The dedicated plant engineering extends to solutions for the control and automatic maintenance of the characteristics of the emulsion directly in the tank, recovery, and reuse of exhausted emulsions with a drastic reduction in disposal costs.

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