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National Machine Products is the North American distributor of DUPUY, tailor made industrial vacuums for Sump Cleaning and Chip Extraction. DUPUY has been designing and manufacturing vacuuming solutions for the suction and separation of oil and metal shavings since 1964. DUPUY's history is rooted in constant innovation, thanks to strong customer relationships and the purpose to offer vacuum solutions in response to needs in the mechanical and engineering fields. From design to delivery, DUPUY manufactures customizable vacuums, designed to optimize the efficiency of production systems.





Oilvac 60

The Oilvac 60 industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with 1 single-phase charcoal motor, by-pass type, with a total power of 1100 watts, which guarantees rapid cooling when overheated. A solid plastic motor head protects the motor from blows, cuts and intrusion of external bodies, keeping the noise level to a minimum. The connection socket fits Ø38 mm pipes.


Oilvac 130

The Oilvac 130 combines the compactness and maneuverability of typical vacuum cleaners with a quick release container and two-stage filtration with the storage capacity of buckets, which allow more machine tools to be cleaned.

From this need comes our latest vacuum cleaner for the mechanical industry, with 3 powerful single-phase motors, an independent 100lt/min discharge pump for simultaneous suction and discharge, thus speeding up operations, and instant separation of emulsions from the coarsest chip. 

The suction is provided by three single-phase motors, of the by-pass type. These motors are protected inside a solid steel motor head, containing a soundproofing material that minimizes noise during operation.

The control panel on the motor head includes three independent switches, a clogged filter indicator with warning light, which warns when the maximum level is reached. Two handles on the motor head allow it to be lifted easily for filter inspection. Easy emptying of the chip basket via a container release system.

Inside the filter chamber of the vacuum cleaner is a class M star filter with hydro-oleophobic properties and a filtering surface area of 14,000 cm2.

PPL 300 µ filter for the filtration of fine metal dust.

The suctioned material is separated instantaneously: metal chips are collected in an easily removable grating basket, which allows rapid disposal of its contents. Finer chips are retained by a second basket with a 300 micron PPL filter that cleans the oil/emulsion of any impurities (standard on the Oilvac 130P version).

The oil passes through the basket and falls naturally, perfectly filtered, into the container. The oil extractor is equipped as standard with a manual drain valve that acts as a level indicator. In the Pump version, there is an independent 100lt/min discharge pump that allows simultaneous suction and discharge.

The collection unit incorporates an electronic float switch that stops suction when the maximum level of the container has been reached.

Typical Applications

Interior CNC clean up prior to maintenance operations ensuring clean environment for equipment replacement and or maintenance. Time savings for clean-out of coolant sumps and efficient removal of fines deposited at bottom of sump allowing full coolant level upon start up. Chip cleanup and time savings for larger machines which may or may not have chip removal equipment.

Voltage (V - Hz)230 - 50230 - 50 ~ 1230 - 50 ~ 1
Power (kW)
Max Waterlift (mmH2O)240024002400
Max Air Flow (m³/h)180540540
Suction Inlet (mm)405050
Filter TypeBagStarStar
Surface Diameter (cm²-mm)2.000 - 40014.000 - 42014.000 - 460
Media FiltrationPolypropylene - 100 micronPolypropylene - 300 micron
Air Load on Filter (m³/m²/h)900
Discharge SystemTilting containerFrontal discharge
Collection TankSteelSteelSteel
Capacity (lt.)65130
Liquids Capacity (lt.)5590
Solids Capacity (lt.)1030
Level Detector for Automatic Motor Cut OffYesYes
Weight (kg)83
Dimensions (cm)53 x 68 x 89h70 x 62 x 144h
Material - Efficiency (IEC 60335-2-69)Hydro Oleophobe - MHydro Oleophobe - M
Cleaning SystemManualManual
Noise Level dB(A)7878