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Manual Chucks

National Machine Products is the North American distributor of TDG Clamping Solutions. TDG offers high-precision, made-to-measure solutions for large-diameter manual chucks.

TDG is the reference partner for users and manufacturers of lathes, and is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of these components. 


Manual Chuck


Manual Scroll Chuck

Manual Scroll Chucks

  • 3 & 4 self centering chucks
  • 3 & 4 two-Piece jaws self centering chucks 
  • 3 jaw oil country self centering chuck
  • Scroll chuck for vertical lathes
Combination Chuck

Combination Chucks

The classic chuck that combines screws and scroll, independent and self centering activation of the jaws. The final clamping of the piece can be performed with either one of both systems. 

  • Forged steel body 
  • Induction hardening applied to all friction areas
  • Body and guides ground
  • Steel jaws cement hardened, heat treated and ground on all surfaces
  • Scroll induction hardened and ground on spiral and internal diameter
  • Screws heat treated and ground
  • Bigger dimensions upon request
  • Approximated weights
Independent Chuck

Independent Chucks

  • 4 jaw independent chuck
  • Oil country independent chuck
  • Independent chuck for vertical lathes
  • Heavy duty independent chuck
  • XL independent chuck
  • XXL independent chuck
  • Power clamping screw chucks
Face Plate

Face Plates

TDG manufactures face plates completely adapted to your needs: application, diameter, t-slots.

Box Jaws

Standard sets of box jaws to be mounted in face plates, combination chucks, tables and rotary tables. The standard box jaw portfolio is manufactured in cast iron and with two-piece jaws. Components (base jaws, top jaws and screw) are manufactured in steel.

Why Invest?

TDG Clamping Solutions is committed to fulfilling their quality policy based on the following values:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Partnership relation with customers and suppliers
  • Productivity, profitability and efficiency in the use of resources
  • Quality and quality assurance
  • Implication from all the TDG staff
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