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Today’s machine tool cutting parameters create considerable amounts of mist and aerosol.  The ExoMist HPMC Series is specifically designed to remove and collect these particles, meeting and exceeding OSHA and NIOSH guidelines; balancing efficiency and extended filter lifetime. Cleaner Productivity is a key factor to determine manufacturing effectiveness which is why it is our mission to ensure that this is achieved without compromising safety and health. This means maintaining extremely low residual concentration of coolant and oil mist in the factory environment.




5 Year Warranty - Standard Wear and Tear

Filters not Included

Product Specifications

The ExoMist HPMC Series of Mist Collectors are the next generation solution for the remediation of coolant and oil mist as well as aerosols generated by machine tools.  Each ExoMist HPMC is specifically design for wet machine tool applications.  The technology utilizes a multi-stage filtration design with proprietary filters for extended life - greater than one year.  The product is eco-friendly, has adaptable installation, easily maintained and available in 5 sizes ranging from 210 to 1230 CFM.

HPMC 400 HPMC 700 HPMC 1000 HPMC 1200
Nominal Air Flow Rate (cfm)3606309901230
Inlet Diameter (in)5688
Static Pressure (Pa)748107012651955
Sound Level (dB)66737678
Weight (lb)119163187198
Motor (hp)0.50.751.5 (IE2)2.0 (IE2)
Current (A) @ 220V-3Ph-60Hz1.752.234.05.6
Machine Tool Enclosures (cu ft)50-8080-140140-200200-245
Dimensions (in)17.3 L x 17.3 W x 31.5 H.21.7 L x 21.7 W x 34.2 H.24.4 L x 24.4 W x 38.1 H.24.4. L x 24.4 W x 38.1 H.