Custom WorkHolding

PRO-CLAMP Systems by Polund A/S, is a unique program in clamping that makes the adjustments and cleaning much faster, and thus frees up a lot of extra production time. It has become the preferred clamping system for many professional metalworking companies.




5-Axis Vice


PRO-CLAMP 5-Axis vice has a long clamping distance and is ideal for all kinds of clamping associated with 5-axis machining.

The clamping is normally adjusted mechanically. But the vice can optionally be supplied with hydraulics. The unique design ensures a very large clamping range, as well as a high and uniform clamping force in the whole clamping range.

  • Centering Vice
  • Suitable for 5-axis machining
  • Clamping Range: 10-240 mm or 145-370 mm 
  • Clamping Force: 5 ton at 200 Nm
  • Jaw Width: 71 and 111 mm  
  • Can be mounted directly on the machine table 
  • Stable and strong structure - stable clamping 
  • Calibrating the center can be performed by the operator
  • Jaws can be customized based on customer's needs



PRO-CLAMP Basic is the simple solution with few wear parts. The fixed part is fastened to the body while there is also great flexibility. The clamping device can be moved in seconds in increments of 40 mm, and fixed in the body with a locking pin.

This allows PRO-CLAMP Basic to be used with vertical clamping on cubes. Several clamping devices can be mounted on the body at the same time, and several vices can be lined up on the same table or on the same cube.

  • Clamping of one or more workpieces
  • Ideal for vertical fixing
  • Span standard up to 1000 mm
  • Spindle travel 45 mm
  • Can be adapted to specific customer requirements

PRO-CLAMP Flexible

PRO CLAMP Flexible

PRO-CLAMP Flexible is profitable in production of single work pieces. The system is constructed to enable the clamping device to turn by 180 degrees and to clamp from both sides of an asymmetric work piece. The vice is available with pull down in the jaws.

The system is also suitable for series production. By tightening one mandrel you can clamp several work pieces at the same time. Achieving more unmanned uptime an the machine after normal working hours.

  • Clamping of one or more workpieces
  • Span standard up to 1000 mm
  • Fast changing of loose parts
  • Ergonomic using fixed/moveable part
  • Can be customized to specific requirements



PRO-CLAMP Heavy is mainly used for carousels/boring mills and can be expanded to large diameters.

The very sturdy construction ensures a large and uniform clamping force of up to 20 ton. The structure of the body without holes, ensures quick and easy removal of chips, as well as a very fast changeover time - at the most 10 seconds per vice. 

  • Used for carousel/boring mills 
  • Clamping device can be rotated 180 degrees 
  • Span standard up to 1040 mm 
  • Spindle Travel: 80 mm 
  • Can be adapted to specific customer requirements



PRO-CLAMP Support is designed for vertical turning lathes.

  • Used for vertical turning lathes
  • Length from 600 to 1600 mm in steps of 200 mm
  • Fast and step-less adjustment
  • Length is customized to the machine table
  • No cleaning

Accessories & Spare Parts

PRO CLAMP Accessories

Polund offers accessories such as: clamping irons, thread parts, wear parts, spindles, locking pawls, clamping parts, spindle holders, floating center jaws, and jaws.

Why Choose PRO-CLAMP Systems?

  • Fast adjustment times
  • Great flexibility
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Robotic solutions
  • Customized solutions