Clamping Devices

Our PRO-CLAMP Systems by Polund A/S are a revolutionary clamping solution transforming the metalworking industry. This innovative program streamlines adjustments and cleaning processes, significantly accelerating production times. As a result, PRO-CLAMP Systems have emerged as the top choice for professional metalworking companies seeking to optimize their production efficiency.

Faster, More Flexible Manufacturing with PRO-CLAMP Systems

The custom workholding solutions provide users with fast adjustment times and excellent flexibility, enabling efficient and versatile operations. Additionally, the availability of robotic solutions and customized options offers advanced automation and tailored solutions to meet specific manufacturing requirements.



The PRO-CLAMP Heavy is an ideal solution for carousels and boring mills, expertly crafted to handle large diameters with ease. This robust clamp is engineered to deliver a powerful clamping force of up to 20 tons, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. Its solid body design, devoid of any holes, greatly enhances chip removal efficiency and contributes to its standout feature: a rapid changeover time. With the PRO-CLAMP Heavy, switching vises takes no more than 10 seconds, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity. 

  • Used for carousel/boring mills
  • Clamping device can be rotated 180 degrees
  • Span standard up to 40.9 inches (1040 mm)
  • Spindle travel 3.1 inches (80 mm)
  • Can be adapted to specific customer requirements

An additional hexagon screw is offered with the clamping device, allowing it to be rotated 180° to achieve greater opening capacity.

  • The clamping unit can be altered and customized to existing jaws.
  • The clamping part and jaws can be tailored according to specific requirements.
  • Customized jaws can be designed to create extra space beneath the workpiece for the turning tool, potentially eliminating the need for an additional operation with their heightened design.
PRO-CLAMP Heavy Mini, a clamping device for cnc vertical lathes, machining centers, and milling machines

PRO-CLAMP Heavy Mini

The PRO-CLAMP Heavy Mini combines the robustness of the PRO-CLAMP Heavy with the versatility of the PRO-CLAMP Basic. Ideal for compact vertical lathes and multitasking machines, the PRO-CLAMP Heavy Mini enhances performance whether you're using a pallet changer or not.

  • Used for vertical lathes and multitasking machines
  • Workpiece clamping from inside and outside
  • Clamping force 7 t at 200 Nm
  • Clamping unit can be rotated 180°
  • Spindle travel 1.77 inches (45 mm)
  • Clamping from both sides
  • Can be adapted to specific customer requirements


Expertly designed for vertical turning lathes, The PRO-CLAMP Support offers adjustable lengths ranging from 24 inches to 63 inches (600 to 1600 mm), with convenient 8-inch (200 mm) increments. Ideal for precision machining, the PRO-CLAMP Support ensures quick, continuous adjustment, seamlessly aligning with your lathe's table. Its unique design not only enhances operational efficiency but also eliminates the need for regular cleaning, providing a hassle-free experience.

  • Used for vertical lathes
  • Length from 24" to 63" in steps of 8"
  • Length is customized to the machining table
  • Fast and easy adjustment
  • No cleaning
  • Can be adapted to specific customer requirements

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