Vises for Milling Machines

Our PRO-CLAMP Systems by Polund A/S are a revolutionary clamping solution transforming the metalworking industry. This innovative tool streamlines adjustments and cleaning processes, significantly accelerating production times. Widely recognized as the clamping system of choice among professional metalworking companies, PRO-CLAMP Systems not only enhance productivity but also offer unparalleled ease of use and reliability in demanding environments.

Advanced Custom Workholding with Quick Adjustments

The custom workholding solutions provide users with fast adjustment times and excellent flexibility, enabling efficient and versatile operations. Additionally, the availability of robotic solutions and customized options offers advanced automation and tailored solutions to meet specific manufacturing requirements.



The PRO-CLAMP Basic, designed for both simplicity and durability, stands out in the market of clamping devices. It's engineered with minimal wear parts, ensuring long-lasting performance. This clamp features a robust fixed component, securely anchored to its main body, offering unmatched stability. The clamping device's unique design allows for easy movement and secure positioning at 1.6-inch increments, thanks to an efficient locking pin mechanism.

  • Clamping one or more workpieces
  • Ideal for vertical fixing
  • Span standard up to 39"
  • Spindle travel: 1.8"
  • Can be adapted to specific customer requirements
PRO CLAMP Flexible 1 NMP

PRO-CLAMP Flexible

Discover the PRO-CLAMP Flexible, a cutting-edge clamping system designed for efficiency in both single piece and batch production. This versatile clamping tool is ideal for handling multiple workpieces at once, enhancing your workshop's productivity. Its unique 180° rotating vice is perfect for asymmetric workpieces, ensuring a secure grip and stability with its innovative pull-down jaws. The PRO-CLAMP Flexible is not just about strong performance; it's also user-friendly, featuring an easy-to-clean design devoid of any holes or grooves. Plus, its quick adjustment capability extends up to 39 inches (1000 mm), making it a flexible solution for various project sizes. 

  • The fixed/movable jaw can be positioned on the vice according to the operator's preference.
  • All jaws in the Accessories range are compatible with the fixed/movable jaw F4100.
  • Optional extra securing is available with 1 pc. M10 set screws.
  • The F4000 features a quick-release jaw with approximately 0.008 inches pull-down, requiring no tools for changes.
  • The fixed/movable jaw offers a precision of +/- 0.0012 inches. For greater accuracy, the hardened jaws can be planed or customized.
vises for milling machines

Accessories & Spare Parts

Polund’s clamping system accessories and spare parts at PRO-CLAMP Systems cater to all your clamping needs. Our collection features a variety of essential components including thread parts, wear parts, spindles, locking pawls, and spindle holders. Each item is meticulously crafted to enhance the performance and longevity of your clamping systems. Whether you're looking for replacement parts or upgrades, our selection is designed to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency in your clamping operations.

  • Clamping irons
  • Thread parts
  • Wear parts
  • Spindles
  • Locking pawls
  • Clamping parts
  • Spindle holders
  • Floating center jaws
  • Jaws

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