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A Variety of Offerings

Our products are machine tool accessories designed to enhance the functionality, efficiency, and life of your machines and facilities. 

We offer products from four different categories; Mist Collection, Lathe Tool Holding, LED Lights, and Coolant Filters. We have partnered with multiple companies so that National Machine Products can be a single source for your machine tool accessories. For more information about our product selection, click on the links below. 

  • MistCollection

    Mist Collection

    Learn about EXOMIST's product line for oil and coolant mist collection. 

  • ToolHolding

    Precision Tool Holders

    Increase productivity with our lathe tool holding options. 

  • LEDLighting

    LED Lighting

    Explore SOMM's LED lighting products for machine tools. 

  • CoolantFilters

    Coolant Filters

    Discover MP Systems coolant filters for cleaning your machine tools coolant or oil.

  • New Website Icon

    Manual Steady Rests

    Increase machining capabilities and reduce set up times with our manual steady rests.