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A Variety of Offerings

Our products are machine tool accessories designed to enhance the functionality, efficiency, and life of your machines and facilities. 

We offer products from a growing selection of solution categories; Mist Collectors, Lathe Tool Holding, LED Lights, Coolant Filters, Manual Steady Rests, Industrial Vacuums, Coolant Recycling systems and more! We have partnered with multiple companies so that National Machine Products can be a single source for your machine tool accessories. For more information about our product selection, click on the links below. 

  • Mist collection icon

    Mist Collectors

    Learn about ExoMIST's oil and coolant mist collectors. 

  • Tool Holding Icon

    Precision Tool Holders

    Increase productivity with our lathe tool holding options. 

  • Led Lighting Icon

    LED Lighting

    Explore SOMM's LED lighting products for machine tools. 

  • Coolant Filters Icon

    Coolant Filters

    Discover MP Systems coolant filters for cleaning your machine tools coolant or oil.

  • Manual Steady Rest Icon

    Manual Steady Rests

    Increase machining capabilities and reduce set up times with our manual steady rests.

  • Industrial Vacuums

    Tailor made industrial vacuums to increase efficiency in any machine shop.

  • Chip + Coolant Recycling

    Reclamation solutions that save time and money for any manufacturer.