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Precision Tool Holders

National Machine Products lathe tool holders are designed and manufactured by SUHNER – a worldwide leader in tooling technology headquartered in Switzerland. SUHNER works closely with engineers from OEM and End Users when designing new tools.  This engineering collaboration ensures flawless tooling performance on CNC lathes, multitasking machines, and machining centers.  National inventories Live and Static Holders specifically for Tsugami Swiss and Universal machines in our Huntsville, AL facility. All SUHNER tooling for Tsugami machines, provided by National, come with a standard 3-year warranty.

Three Year Guarantee

National Machine Products is designed to give years of service under the most demanding applications. The build quality of our tool holders allows us to back them with a three-year factory warranty. National will repair any defective tool holder for a period of three years from the date of purchase. All tool maintenance and service is performed in the United States at our certified repair facility.

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About National Machine Products' Tsugami Lathe Tooling

  • Delivered ready to use - no break-in is required as they are run-in at the factory and internal coolant tools are pressure tested as a final quality check prior to shipment
  • Greased for life; no customer maintenance is required
  • CMM inspected and serialized records are kept on file
  • Use individually ground spacer rings to set the bearing preload
  • Use oversize output bearings resulting in 40% greater rigidity than the competition
  • Use Klingelnberg spiral bevel gears machined and then lapped in matched sets

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National Machine Products Tsugami S206II

Tusgami S205-II & S206-II

The Tsugami S205-II and Tsugami S206-II CNC Lathes pack a massive amount of features and benefits into an economically priced platform. The S205-II is a 5-axis, 20mm Swiss Type Lathe, while the S206-II adds a Y-axis tool post to the same great machine, increasing tool positions and delivering flexibility in machining complex parts. Both machines feature thermal compensation, eight live tools on the backworking block and increased ribbing in the casting for extreme rigidity.

National Machine Products Tsugami SS327-5AX

Tsugami SS327-5AX

Cut complex parts complete in a single set-up. The hallmark of the Tsugami SS327-5AX CNC Lathe, in addition to Swiss style speed and accuracy, is its ability to cut contoured shapes using a servo-driven B-axis. This capability greatly enhances the machine’s capability to produce high precision parts requiring sculpted geometries.

National Machine Products Tsugami B0326III

Tsugami B0326-II & B0326-III

The Tsugami B0326-II & Tsugami B0326-III are 6-axis convertible opposed gang tool CNC lathes that adds Y2-Axis capability to the back tool post of the B0 configuration. Overlapped, simultaneous machining is enabled. Plus, back slotting, back end milling, and back cross drilling/tapping may be performed. Use either the B0326-II or B0326-III for traditional 32 mm Swiss turning or for making shorter parts with the included chucker kit. The B0326-III is the latest model of this powerful platform and includes enhancements such as extra ribbing in the casting, added machine weight, and an eight station, live tool backworking block.

National Machine Products Tsugami B038T

Tsugami B038T

Tsugami’s B038T Turning Center combines the precision, accuracy and speed of a high performance Swiss Type Lathe with the flexibility and additional rotary tool capability of a Turning Center with turret. In this unique combination, up to 13 tools on the tool posts (gang, front and rear), plus 32 stations on the turret combine to machine complex parts in a single setup.

National Machine Products Tsugami SS32

Tsugami SS20/26/32

The Tsugami SS machine platform comes available in three spindle diameters; 20mm, 26mm, 32mm. Because of the unique Tsugami Modular Tool Zone, the SS20, SS26, and SS32 Swiss Type Lathes feature unmatched flexibility to make complex small parts. Individual live and static tools may be swapped out easily, and entire set-ups and changeovers can be completed rapidly. With added chucker convertibility, this is the machine for today’s demanding long run/short run shop environment.

National Machine Products Tsugami B0325VIII

Tsugami B0325V-II

The Tsugami B0325V-II offering Swiss turning performance with job shop flexibility. This CNC Swiss Type Lathe includes an added vertical tool post which incorporates 5 modular, driven tools for increased milling capabilities and a total of 25 tool positions in a spacious work zone.

National Machine Products Tsugami B0385C

Tsugami B0385

The B0385 is the heavyweight cutting champ of the B0 family of opposed gang tool Swiss Type Lathes. A unique Tsugami double spindle on the sliding headstock allows the machine to make short work of tough stock with no sacrifice in tolerance.  Plenty of tool positions, plus powerful main and sub spindle motors combine to effortlessly make deep cuts.  All in an affordable package and moderate shop footprint.

National Machine Products Tsugami B0386_III

Tsugami B0386-III

The Tsugami B0386-III is a highly rigid 38 mm, 6-axis Swiss Type CNC lathe built to take the heaviest of cuts. This turning center delivers the advanced technology and performance that today’s machine shops need, at a competitive price.

National Machine Products Tsugami M08SY

Tsugami M08SY & M08SY Gantry

Experience the Tsugami difference with this powerful Turning Center with Gantry, Y-Axis and Subspindle. Use the Tsugami M08SY to perform highly complex machining, such as turning, drilling, boring, cross-drilling and CNC milling. The main and back spindles are equipped with integral built-in spindles which minimize vibration and provide superior responsiveness for heavy duty cutting and fine finishing of work pieces. The Tsugami M08SY also comes in Gantry option.

National Machine Products Tsugami M08J-II

Tsugami M08J

The Tsugami M08J allows you to do many machining operations from turning, drilling, boring, and thread cutting. The manual tailstock with programmable quill provides additional support for long or slender machining operations. Ideal for a wide range of applications, the Tsugami M08J is built for high accuracy, high productivity machining.

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