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SOMM LED Lighting for Machine Tools

National Machine Products imports SOMM LED lighting products for machine tools to the North American market. SOMM high quality, Italian made LED lights are specifically designed to improve lighting inside machine tool enclosures. Therefore, these bright, natural white LED lights withstand the severe environment created by today’s machine tools. They are impervious to high pressure coolant and oil delivery systems for extended periods of time.

National Machine Products SERIE ROMA
Cutting LED Light to size

You can cut SOMM’s lamp in the middle, but it will work in any case!

National Machine Products ROMA L09


The ROMA 09 was created for small machine tool enclosures. It contains 54 LED's that create 1,700 Lumens of bright, natural-white light. 

National Machine Products ROMA L36 small


The ROMA 36 was created for large machine tool enclosures. It contains 240 LED's that create 8,000 Lumens of bright, natural-white light. 

National Machine Products Stack Light


Easily identify which machines are cutting parts and which require operator intervention. Our lights install easily and can be wired to produce up six different colors.

National Machine Products ROMA L18


The ROMA 18 was created for standard machine tool enclosures. It contains 120 LED's that create 3,600 Lumens of bright, natural-white light. 

National Machine Products FLEX-80


Inspection Lamp with magnetic base for quick easy movable lighting the Flex 80 LED inspection lights are a compact, tough, bright natural white solution for spot and close-work lighting requirements.

Product Specifications

ROMA SERIES LED LIGHTING – with extended life LED’s that are encased in IP68 UL precision machined aluminum enclosures with tempered glass. These are doubled sealed and impervious to both the high volume and fine aerosol associated with machine tool coolant and oil.  There are integral neodymium magnets for ease, mobility and extremely secure installation.

Number of LED's541202407Varies on Requirement
Dimensions (inches)10.63 x 1.57 x 1.2510.63 x 3.13 x 1.2519.69 x 3.13 x 1.253.14 base x 20 armVaries on Requirement
Power24 Vdc - 13W24 Vdc - 25W24Vdc - 48W24Vdc - 8.4W24Vdc - .45W/Module
Lumens1,7003,6008,0009,400 @ 20in.100
Mounting MethodNeodymium MagnetsNeodymium MagnetsNeodymium MagnetsNeodymium MagnetsBolted
Light ColorNatural WhiteNatural WhiteNatural WhiteNatural WhiteMulti-Colored
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