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Rocksteady Manual Steady Rests

Rocksteady Manual Steady Rests are individually constructed - not mass fabricated. The upper body is assembled to the base after precise and close tolerance machining to ensure rigidity and squareness of the unit. Each and every Rocksteady unit has to pass a 15 point inspection prior to dispatch. Attention to detail includes a gleaming coat of paint on non-machined faces in the appropriate color to suit the target machine tool. Generally Rocksteady Red! Way Wipers are fitted where necessary and the necessary Lifting Rings supplied for safety and ease of installation. Each unit comes complete with a set of tools, Mounting Bolts, Clamps and an instruction Manual.

Rock Steady SC

Rocksteady SC Manual Steady Rest

Our most popular variant, the SC (Slant Bed, C Style) uses three of our modular finger housings with robust square section fingers. Fingers are equipped with high end Yoke type Track Roller Bearings NUTR Mounted on roller pins with suitable lubrication points. The C style Latch Top allows full clearance for component loading and offers high repeat accuracy thanks to CNC machined locations. Base mounts can be adapted for most CNC tailstock slideways or for mounting to an exiting steadyrest preparation base unit.

Rock Steady SCC

Rocksteady SCC Manual Steady Rest

The SCC (Slant Bed, C Style, Cantilever) offers all the features of the SC Model, but with the addition of a heavy duty Cantilever rear arm. A precision machined lead screw offers the operator the benefit of adjustment of the rear arm from the apron of the machine tool. This feature can often allow for much larger capacities than the SC variant thanks to the compact design of the Cantilever arm. Heavy duty clamping bolts are included so that once positioned, the workpiece is supported firmly and accurately. The SCC Model is widely used on all sizes of slant bed turning centre -but most often those with shallower bed angles, or those with existing prep bases.

Rock Steady FF

Rocksteady FF Manual Steady Rest

The FF (Fully Enclosed, Flat Bed) is deployed mainly on large Turning Machines with a flat bed profile. This type of steadyrest again utilises the modular finger housings and square section fingers with NUTR Rollers. The fully enclosed design can feature either swing or lift off top with quick release swing bolts. All types of bed profile can be accommodated .

Product Specifications

Rocksteady is wholly designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by John Walton (Machine Tools) Limited, based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. It is sold worldwide through a network of distributors and resellers. Rocksteady is covered by a two year conditional warranty -details of which are available on request All specifications are of a general nature and each unit has its own range of specifications.

Main Body MaterialS275 Steel Segment Ground
Other MaterialsEN8, EN24, Aluminum Bronze
Rullers NutrYoke Type Track Rollers, Cambered
Maximum Component WeightUp To 100,000kg
ConstructionPrecision Machined, Bolted, Doweled
Scope of Supply (Standard)Steadyrest, 1 Set Fingers, Toolkit, Instruction Manual, Packing Case
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