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Quick Change Chucks

The new ROCKSTEADY QC Quick Jaw Change Chuck features a host of benefits over standard factory fit power chucks, including:

  • Quick Change Master Jaws
  • High Speed Anti Centrifugal Force Clamping
  • Modular Spindle Adaptation with Zero Adjustment
  • Large Through Hole
  • Collet Pad Compatibility
  • Front Mounting Register for Additional Workholding
  • User Friendly & Easy Retrofit




NOTE: All chucks come with 1 set of hard and soft jaws and a 2-Year Conditional Warranty.

Product Specifications

Don’t forget that this chuck offers many technical advantages over standard issue chucks and inherent safety features thanks to the constant gripping force at high speed.

The compatibility with a wide range of standard top tooling makes the QC a more cost effective Quick Change option for customers with large existing Jaw inventories.

6" QC Chuck 8" QC Chuck 10" QC Chuck 12" QC Chuck
Through Hole Dia43mm52/66mm66.5mm90mm
Max. Speed6,000RPM5,500RPM4,500RPM3,800RPM
Gripping Force Max.47KN66KN88KN121KN
Plunger Stroke16mm16mm18.5mm18.5mm
Jaw Stroke3.5mm3.5mm4mm4mm
Standard Serration1.5mm X 601.5mm X 601.5mm X 601.5mm X 60
Spindle NoseA2-5"A2-6"A2-6"/A2-8"A2-8"/A2-11