Self-Cleaning Spinning Window

National Machine Products has partnered with Rotoclear to offer a range of cutting-edge solutions that provide clear insights into CNC machining processes. Using a spinning window, Rotoclear's visual solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency. With their innovative technology, these solutions facilitate seamless start-up, collision prevention, and continuous process optimization, empowering machinists to achieve their goals with greater precision and productivity.

Why Rotoclear?

Rotoclear wows customers in all stages of their journey! From installation to the start-up process, batch production and cleaning, through maintenance and repair; you can count on National and Rotoclear to support and optimize your machining processes. 

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Unlock a new level of visibility with the S3 self-cleaning spinning window. With its groundbreaking design that utilizes centrifugal force, this window provides a clear and uninterrupted view of machining processes, eliminating the presence of obstructive bars.

In addition to cost savings from minimized scrap, the Rotoclear S3 drastically reduces cleaning time, making maintenance hassle-free with its patented drive concept, allowing for swift rotor replacement when necessary.

  • Large field of view without irritating bar
  • Minimalist design
  • 100% sealed
  • Low installation height of 1.32"
  • Quick window replacement
  • Tried-and-tested safety for CNC milling machines and lathes
  • Enhanced convenience, improved overview
  • Increased work safety
  • Heightened productivity
  • Cost-effective
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Flexible installation options
  • Suitable for machining centers per DIN EN ISO 16090-1
  • Designed for polycarbonate windows
  • Affordable pricing and quick installation
  • Includes a perforated template for precise drilling
  • Screwed into place from the inside using a screw flange
  • Suitable for machining centers per DIN EN ISO 16090-1 and lathes per DIN EN ISO 23125
  • Bonding installation on the inside of the machine tool door at eye level
  • Secure hold with a cooling lubricant-resistant two-component adhesive
  • Primer included for bonding to polycarbonate windows
  • All installation components provided in delivery

National Machine Products offers tailored S3 solutions to meet special requirements, whether the product needs to be installed in a sheet metal wall or a curved window. With bonding and screw versions available, National provides versatility for various installation scenarios. If you have a specific challenge, feel free to reach out to National Machine Products for personalized assistance. Together, you can collaborate to find the perfect solution that meets your unique needs.

Bonding Installation

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Screw Installation

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