I.T.F's Solvent Cleaning Solutions include modified alcohol plants, water based plants, alcohol-water mixed plants and plants with chlorinated solvents. Because of our wide range of offerings, we have the ability to recommend the correct solution and the most suitable solution to satisfy the customer’s production request. Each of our systems are able to satisfy the most complicated needs and the most stringent washing requirements. 

Innovative Alcohol Solvents for Streamlined Industrial Cleaning

ITF's product range encompasses modified alcohol plants, water-based plants, alcohol-water mixed plants, and plants that use chlorinated solvents. As a result, we are equipped to suggest the optimal solution and the most appropriate system that meets the specific needs of our customers, without being restricted to a particular type of product. These systems are designed to meet the most challenging washing requirements and can cater to the most complex needs. All of the systems comply with the latest national and international standards, ensuring the safety of operators and the protection of the environment.

Itf Wave450 2cc

Modified Alcohol

These vacuum-operated cleaning systems use alcohol derivative solvents to perform washing and drying. The solvents, specifically modified alcohols like alcohol propanol, possess high degreasing power comparable to chlorinated solvents. They are preferred for applications that require a strong degreasing phase, surpassing hydrocarbons in efficacy but differing in handling. The solvents exhibit low toxicity and eco-toxicity, evaporate completely without leaving any residue on the cleaned components, and do not corrode metal surfaces while effectively removing water.

Itf Wave600 1cc


These vacuum-operated washing systems use chlorinated solvents to perform washing and drying. The systems feature a fully sealed circuit operation, and use super-stabilized perchloroethylene as the solvent, which has high solvent power and stability. Perchloroethylene is highly compatible with most metals, especially those that are prone to oxidation such as aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium, zinc, and brass alloys, among others.

Itf Wave2100 1


Our vacuum-operated cleaning systems utilize Class AIII hydrocarbon solvents (isoparaffins) to perform washing and drying. Although these solvents have lower degreasing power than chlorinated solvents like perchloroethylene, they are advantageous due to their minimal environmental impact and non-classification under VOC regulation on emissions. This makes them highly versatile and applicable to a wide range of uses, such as cleaning bearings assemblies in their final stage. In these cases, the use of this solvent type is mandatory to leave a slight residual greasiness on the parts.

Market Expectations

In the current market, every component, whether at the inter-operation phase or final processing phase, must undergo compliant cleaning before being made available for sale. The market demand is for fully compliant pieces, which implies parts that are thoroughly clean.

Removing contaminants from components is an absolute necessity. By using a proper methodology, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Achieve high-quality results
  • Ensure the reliability and efficiency of the cleaning process
  • Minimize the environmental impact
  • Ensure compliance with worker safety standards

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