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The Next Generation of Coolant Management: LDS-ZA and LRS Systems

Sep 11, 2023


Introducing the Next Generation of Coolant Management: LDS-ZA and LRS Systems – Efficiency, Precision, and User-Friendly Upgrades


LDS-ZA and LRS Systems

National Machine Products is thrilled to announce the release of two groundbreaking coolant management systems: the LDS-ZA and LRS. Building on the success of the original DP-LDS system, these new products represent a significant leap forward in industrial liquid management technology.


LDS-ZA: User-Friendly Innovation


The LDS-ZA system is the latest addition to our coolant management portfolio, designed with user-friendly upgrades that set it apart from anything else on the market. With intuitive icons, built-in GPS, and a waste outlet, the LDS-ZA system offers a seamless experience for operators.

The new interface, adorned with easy-to-understand icons, simplifies the process of monitoring and controlling industrial liquid levels. The built-in GPS ensures precise location tracking, allowing for more effective resource allocation and reduced downtime. The waste outlet feature further enhances efficiency by providing a streamlined method for waste disposal.


A Comparison with the Original DP-LDS


LDS4.0M and LDS4.0A

The original DP-LDS system set the benchmark for automatic coolant management with its real-time analysis and high level of accuracy. The new LDS-ZA and LRS systems build on this foundation by introducing user-friendly upgrades and enhanced precision.

While the DP-LDS system provided a robust solution for coolant management, the LDS-ZA system elevates the user experience with its intuitive icons and built-in GPS.




LDS4.0M and LDS4.0A flow chart

The release of the LDS-ZA and LRS systems marks a new era in coolant management. Whether you’re looking to optimize operations, improve safety, or minimize waste, these systems offer the solutions you need.

National Machine Products continues to lead the way in industrial liquid management, and the LDS-ZA and LRS systems are a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. Contact us today to learn more about how these systems can transform your operations.