Power Chucks

National Machine Products is the North American distributor of TDG Clamping Solutions. TDG offers high-precision, made-to-measure solutions for large-diameter power chucks. TDG is the reference partner for users and manufacturers of lathes, and is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of these components. 

Power Chucks

power chuck

Standard 3 jaw power chucks lever style starting at 39.4 inches.

  • Activation through hydraulic cylinder: built-in or with draw bar
  • Manual regulation of the stroke of the jaws, only for pre-setting
  • Forged steel body
  • 4, 6, 8 jaws or more by request
  • Other materials upon request

3+3 Power Chucks

3+3 Chuck

Sequential 3 self-centering jaws + 3 floating jaws.

  • Twin cylinder built in the body with a rotary manifold with two ports
  • Specific for parts that are not perfectly round, avoiding deformation

Closed Center Power Chucks

Large diameter closed center power chuck for cnc machining

Standard hydraulic chucks with wedge plunger system and closed center up to 39.37 inches.

  • Forged Steel body
  • Minimum Diameter: 24.8" 
  • Automatic Stroke per Jaw: 0.394"  
  • Central cover for perfect sealing
  • Wedge plunger style
  • More info and special needs by request

Through Bore Power Chucks

large diameter chuck for cnc machining

Standard hydraulic chucks with wedge plunger system and through bore up to 39.4 inches.

  • Forged steel body
  • All friction areas ground
  • 4 jaws, 6 jaws and many other tailor made solutions by request

2+2+2 Power Chucks

2+2+2 Power Chuck

These chucks are specifically designed to perform first and second turning operations on circular shape pieces.

  • Diameter: 39.4" and beyond
  • Automatic Stroke: 1.18" 
  • Manual single adjustment stroke of 1.26" on each base jaw (only for approach, not for clamping)
  • The levers are connected through a balancing system that provides +/- 0.197 inches movement to each couple of jaws
  • Once rough turning is performed, balancing system is switched off and the chucks is used as a 6 jaw regular power chuck
  • Specially designed for clamping round pieces such as rings or bearings

2+2 Power Chucks

2+2 Chuck

The double piston cylinder system of this chuck allows to activate each couple of opposite jaws alternatively, which makes this chuck capable of clamping all possible geometries and shapes.

  • Automatic Stroke: 1.18"
  • Manual Adjustment Stroke of each Jaw: 1.26"
  • Base Jaw Mounting by Square Serration, pitch: 1.57"
  • Twin cylinder built in the body with a rotary manifold with 2 ports + 1 to drain
  • Safety check valves on the port
  • Stoke control device in the piston by proximity switches

Why Invest?

TDG Clamping Solutions is committed to fulfilling their quality policy based on the following values:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Partnership relation with customers and suppliers
  • Productivity, profitability and efficiency in the use of resources
  • Quality and quality assurance
  • Implication from all the TDG staff
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