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National Machine Products is the North American distributor of DUPUY, tailor made industrial vacuums for Sump Cleaning and Chip Extraction. DUPUY has been designing and manufacturing vacuuming solutions for the suction and separation of oil and metal shavings since 1964.  DUPUY's history is rooted in constant innovation, thanks to strong customer relationships and the purpose to offer vacuum solutions in response to needs in the mechanical and engineering fields.  From design to delivery, DUPUY manufactures customizable vacuums, designed to optimize the efficiency of production systems.




Olivac 130

Multi-Motor drives with the capability of extracting 130L of liquid & chips in 90 seconds

  • Extract and recover liquids, oils and emulsions with or without metal chips
  • Ability to separate chips from fluids, saving time and cost on maintenance
  • Capacities available to fit your operation – Single phase, 3 phase, and Air operated available
  • Speeds clean up of sumps and allows coolant to be filtered and recycled
  • Additional fine filters available in 100u and 50u range
Olivac 200T

The OILVAC 200 is ideal for extracting machining chips from large open lathes and other machines without chip conveyors

  • High power motors for maximum suction drive providing large capacity
  • 50mm & 80mm diameter suction hoses for clog free operation at high extraction rates
  • Clamshell hopper for ease of dumping from fork trucks
  • Capacities available to fit your operation – Single phase, 3 phase, and Air operated available
  • Highly portable, enabling ease of use in any machine shop

Typical Applications

Interior CNC clean up prior to maintenance operations ensuring clean environment for equipment replacement and or maintenance.  Time savings for clean-out of coolant sumps and efficient removal of fines deposited at bottom of sump allowing full coolant level upon start up.  Chip cleanup and time savings for larger machines which may or may not have chip removal equipment.

Voltage230 - 50, 1~230 - 50, 1~400 - 50, 3~
Power2 X 1,13 x 1,1*3
Motor TypeBy-passBy-passThree phase
Water Lift Max.2.4002.4003.200
Air Flow Max.360540350
Filter Surface1.20014.0003.200
Filter TypeBag 400 mmStar 460 mmStar 460 mm
Media ClassPPL 100μM Hydro-Oleophobic 460M Hydro-Oleophobic
Total Capacity100 lt.130 lt.240 lt.
Liquids Capacity60 lt.90 lt.200 lt.
Solids Capacity30 lt.30 lt.30 lt.
Suction Inlet50 mm50 mm50 mm
Floating DeviceElectricElectricYes
Weight60 kg83 kg224 kg