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The Green Products Line

Good For Productivity And Our Eco-Systems: The Green Products

Discover high performance machine tool accessories from National Machine Products’ Green Products Line. Our machine accessories include a range of mist collectors, industrial vacuums, chip processors, and more. These cost efficient industrial solutions are designed to boost your productivity while preserving our environment. Reach out to us and let us assist you in making your machine shop and our planet a cleaner place!

What Are The Benefits of our Green Products?

Eco-friendly CNC machine tool accessories offer energy efficiency, leading to cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint. They are designed to minimize waste and have a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements. Additionally, they contribute to a healthier work environment by reducing noise and air pollution. Choosing these sustainable accessories can enhance your machine shop’s environment as well as productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

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Mist Collectors

The ExoMist improves air quality for a more productive environment with less coolant and oil mist generated by machine tools.


Industrial Vacuums

Our industrial vacuums can be used for a wide range of machining needs, including oil cleanup as well as disposing of metal chips. Vacuums powered by compressed air are also available for instances where a power source is not nearby.

Chip Processing

Chip Processing

Our chip processors take small metal chips that come from machining and process them to create less metal waste and potentially reuse them. Processing metal chips will give a higher resell value to scrap metal, giving a faster return on investment while significantly reducing manufacturing waste.


Coolant Management

National Machine Products offers an Industry 4.0 system for industrial liquid management that uses real-time analysis and to enhance efficiency and save costs. This system allows control of liquid levels and enables proactive maintenance and effective resource allocation, minimizing waste and boosting productivity.

solvent parts washer machine for parts washing

Parts Washing Equipment

Washing parts has never been easier with our aqueous based and solvent cleaning solutions while meeting modern machining safety standards. High pressure deburring is also available to remove chips, burs, oil, sands, and other contaminants, allowing for easier coupling of parts and longer product life.

Velum STND

CNC Air Intake and Motor Filters

Velum protective filters are designed for CNC machines, air compressors, electrical motors, and other industrial devices to keep your machine from dust, dirt, metal particles, oil mists, and other forms of air contamination. These filters boast a 30% cost reduction in maintenance costs, zero downtime, and a quick 5-second replacement.

dosing pumps installation kit

Coolant Filtration Equipment

Our coolant filtration equipment specializes in managing and analyzing industrial liquids, while embracing the most modern concepts of smart technology and eco-sustainability. Our products range from pumps, machines, accessories, and dosing kits for the agriculture, metalworking, and animal health industries.