National Machine Products is the North American distributor of DU-PUY, tailor made industrial vacuums for Sump Cleaning and Chip Extraction. DU-PUY has been designing and manufacturing vacuuming solutions for the suction and separation of oil and metal shavings since 1964. DU-PUY's history is rooted in constant innovation, thanks to strong customer relationships and the purpose to offer vacuum solutions in response to needs in the mechanical and engineering fields. From design to delivery, DU-PUY manufactures customizable vacuums, designed to optimize the efficiency of production systems.

Chip Cleanup for Enhanced Machine Performance

Interior CNC clean up prior to maintenance operations ensuring clean environment for equipment replacement and or maintenance. Time savings for clean-out of coolant sumps and efficient removal of fines deposited at bottom of sump allowing full coolant level upon start up. Chip cleanup and time savings for larger machines which may or may not have chip removal equipment.


OILVAC 60, an oil and metal shaving vacuum

The Oilvac 60 industrial vacuum cleaner features a 1 single-phase charcoal motor, by-pass type, with a total power of 1100 watts for rapid cooling when overheated. Its solid plastic motor head protects the motor from damage and intrusion, while keeping the noise level low. The connection socket fits pipes with a diameter of 1.5 inches.

  • Equipped with a 100 micron polyester bag filter and a suction stop float to prevent liquid from flowing back to the motor when the container is full
  • A sieve grid with 2.64 gallon capacity separates solid materials from the liquid, allowing liquids to drain to the bottom of the 17.17 gallon container, and a manual liquid discharge valve enables quick disposal of suctioned liquid
  • Includes a Ø 1.58 inch suction inlet accessory kit, complete with floor cleaning accessory, hose, aluminum nozzle and PVC brush
  • Compact and maneuverable with a trolley that has 4 wheels (2 pivoting and one with brake)
  • The bin can be tilted by 90° for easy emptying, thanks to the trolley's unique design



The Oilvac 130 is a powerful vacuum cleaner designed for the mechanical industry. It features three single-phase motors, an independent 26 gallon per minute discharge pump, and a quick-release container with a capacity of 22 gallons, making it suitable for cleaning multiple machine tools. With a two-stage filtration system and the ability to separate emulsions from coarse chips, the Oilvac 130 is a versatile and efficient choice for any workshop.

This industrial vacuum cleaner is powered by two single-phase by-pass type motors, enclosed in a sturdy steel head with noise-reducing material. The user-friendly control panel on the head features two separate switches and a clogged filter indicator with warning light, while two handles make it easy to lift the head for filter inspection. The chips basket is easy to empty via the container release system.

The vacuum cleaner's filter chamber contains a class M star filter with hydro-oleophobic properties and a filtering surface area of 1377 in².

The vacuum also features a PPL 300 µ filter, which effectively filters fine metal dust

The suctioned material is separated instantaneously: metal chips are collected in an easily removable grating basket, which allows rapid disposal of its contents. Finer chips are retained by a second basket with a 300-micron PPL filter that cleans the oil/emulsion of any impurities (standard on the Oilvac 130P version).

The oil passes through the basket and falls naturally, perfectly filtered, into the container. The oil extractor comes standard with a manual drain valve that acts as a level indicator. In the Pump version, there is an independent 26.4 gallons/min discharge pump that allows simultaneous suction and discharge.

The collection unit incorporates an electronic float switch that stops suction when the maximum level of the container has been reached.


413642646 Schede Tecniche Oilvac300

The Oilvac 300 industrial vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning and maintaining medium to large CNC machines or multiple machines without frequent tank emptying. It features a 17.2 gallon metal chip hopper and a 79.3 gallon tank, with a three-phase 5.4 HP turbine and a fine separation system with regenerable or disposable filter elements of varying filtration efficiencies.

  • A vacuum cleaner designed for separating, reusing, or disposing of oil mixed with metal chips
  • Equipped with a three-phase side channel turbine with a power of 5.4 HP
  • Chassis designed for easy lifting with a forklift truck
  • Electric float to stop liquids when the container is full
  • 17.2 gallon capacity grid basket for solids
  • 96.6 gallon capacity container for oils
  • Wheels and oil-resistant seals to ensure durability
  • Rotating suction nozzle to facilitate the use of the suction hose



The Oilvac 500 is an industrial vacuum that has been specifically designed to tackle heavy-duty cleaning tasks. With its powerful side channel blower and large capacities for both liquids and solids, it is capable of efficiently cleaning chips and liquids from large CNC sumps, machines, and central coolant systems. Its forklift intake attachment also makes it easy to move the vacuum around, ensuring that it can be used in a variety of settings.


  • Can vacuum up to 132 gallons of coolant and oils mixed with chips, dust, and sludge
  • Solids and chips are separated in an integrated container, while liquids are purified using a non-woven filtering cloth.
  • The emptied tank can be cleaned with an adjustable high-pressure lance
  • Features an independent pump that can re-insert the emulsifier into the tank at a rate of 53 gallons per minute


CHIPVAC 200, a compressed air industrial vacuum

The Chipvac 200 is a versatile chip vacuum cleaner designed to efficiently collect both wet and dry chips. It boasts a large collecting tank and can be equipped with 3 single-phase motors or 3 three-stage motors for superior suction strength. The vacuum's innovative "soft" tipping system simplifies the process of emptying the tank, making it a practical and safe choice for industrial environments.

This suction unit features two single-phase by-pass motors, each with independent switches, and is housed in a sturdy steel motor head that is lined with sound-absorbing material for reduced noise during use.

The motor head also includes a control panel with three independent switches and a vacuum indicator with a warning light to detect filter saturation. With two handles on the head, the unit can be easily lifted for filter inspection or replacement.

The Chipvac 200 features a steel filtering chamber that houses a polyester pocket filter cat. L. This filter is highly effective in retaining dust and maintaining the purity of outgoing air thanks to its large surface area of 15.1 square feet and high filtering efficiency of 3 microns. The suction system has an inlet diameter of 3.1 inches, which is positioned below the filter and enables simultaneous vacuuming of dust, solids, and liquids (up to the capacity of the container) without requiring the filter to be replaced or removed.

The Chipvac 200 is an industrial vacuum cleaner that deposits the vacuumed material into a high-capacity tilting container. With a 90° tilting feature, even the most difficult materials can be easily unloaded into waste bins with the help of a forklift truck. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner can be equipped with a perforated plate to separate chips and liquids, leaving the former in the upper part of the bucket.

The container has a 1-inch ball valve for emptying liquids, and a visual level indicator enables users to monitor the filling of the vacuum cleaner during operation. The unit is mounted on a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame and is equipped with non-marking swivel castors with parking brakes.



The Chipvac 400 suction bucket has a large collection capacity for solids and liquids, with the option to add a metal sieve grid for oil and chips. It can be turned upside down up to -50° using a forklift with a patented system, and equipped with powerful side channel blowers of 10 HP or 17 HP. The design allows for easy movement on wheels or with a forklift, and the turbine can be separated easily before tipping the bucket.

This industrial vacuum cleaner features a venturi-type compressed air suction unit with 19 or 25 nozzles, enclosed within a sturdy steel motor header with sound-absorbing material to reduce noise. It requires an external compressor (not included), and the air outlet is directed downwards to prevent dust and noise pollution. The control panel on the motor head displays a supply pressure indicator and a vacuum indicator, while the two handles allow easy lifting for filter inspection or replacement.

The steel filter chamber of this product contains a polyester star filter cat. L, which ensures high dust retention and guarantees clean air output due to its large surface area of 32.3 square feet and filtration efficiency of 3 microns. The manual cleaning system includes a vertical motion shaker that makes it easy for the operator to clean the filter at any time and prevent saturation, thus extending the life of the filter and maintaining the intake performance. The suction system with an 3.1 inches diameter inlet located beneath the filter allows for simultaneous suction of powders, solids, and liquids within the container's capacity without requiring the filter's removal or replacement.

The suctioned material is collected in a high-capacity tilting container. The Chipvac 400 bucket can be tilted up to 50°, making it easy to unload even the most challenging materials. Using a forklift truck simplifies the task of emptying the collected material directly into waste bins. 

A perforated grid can be added for separating chips, with the upper part of the bucket dedicated to chips while the lower part is for liquids.

The tank is fitted with a 2-inch ball valve for emptying collected liquids, and a visual level indicator helps monitor the bucket's filling during the liquid suction operation.

The vacuum cleaner is fixed onto a robust powder-coated steel frame, equipped with non-marking swivel wheels that have parking brakes.



The Chipvac 400M comes with single-phase motors of 4.4 and 5.2 HP, which can effectively collect large quantities of chips. This industrial vacuum cleaner has a compact size and operates quietly, making it ideal for use in various industries that produce large amounts of waste during production processes.

The suction is developed by 2 single-phase motors, protected by a sturdy steel cover containing soundproofing material to reduce noise to a minimum. The large surface area filter (15.1 sq ft) makes the Chipvac 400M an ideal vacuum cleaner for all uses.

The suctioned material is deposited in a high-capacity tipping container. The use of a forklift makes it easy to empty the vacuumed material directly into the waste bins. Tipping the Chipvac 400M bucket makes it easy to unload even the most difficult materials.

It is possible to introduce a perforated plate to separate chips, leaving them in the upper part of the bucket, while liquids are deposited in the lower part of the container.

The tank is equipped with a 1-inch ball valve for emptying sucked liquids. A visual level indicator allows you to check the filling of the bucket during the suction operation.

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