Chip Processing

National Machine Products, in strategic partnership with Indass and COMETEL, offers advanced chip processing solutions tailored for CNC machining. We supply comprehensive systems for chip and coolant recycling, driving efficiency and sustainable practices in manufacturing.

Efficient Chip Processing for Better Manufacturing Outcomes

  • Higher scrap metal resell value
  • Coolant recovery and lower overall disposal
  • More efficient management of the entire manufacturing process
  • Environmental and safety liability risks control
  • Quick return on investment
  • Customizable solutions
  • Minimal footprint area
  • Low energy consumption
COMETEL Chip Centrifuge2


COMETEL Centrifuges can effectively lower metal chip moisture to below 3% and can also support the recycling of coolants, delivering significant economic and environmental benefits.

COMETEL Crushers 1


COMETEL Crushers minimize the volume of long metal chips and skeins, streamlining them for recycling and further processing, such as centrifuging and briquette making.

COMETEL Separating Equipment

Separating Equipment

Explore COMETEL's range of separating equipment designed to enhance waste management and material recovery.

COMETEL Tipping Skips

Tipping Skips

COMETEL Tipping Skips offer a practical solution for waste management, allowing quick and safe transportation and disposal of materials with their user-friendly tipping design.

COMETEL Feed Hoppers 1

Feed Hoppers

COMETEL Feed Hoppers efficiently store metal chips and facilitate their smooth transition to conveyors, optimizing material handling and boosting productivity in metalworking operations.

COMETEL Conveyors 1


Tailored to transport materials effectively, COMETEL's Conveyors streamline operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow in any machine shop. 

COMETEL Briquetting

Briquetting Machines

COMETEL Briquetting Machines are designed to compact loose metal chips into dense briquettes, significantly reducing volume and enabling the recovery of cutting fluids for reuse in machining.

INDASS Robotline

INDASS Robotline

The Indass Robotline offers a single system capable of handling both chipped and elongated metal chips without prior shredding, eliminating material cross-contamination. 

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